Go to reference in article Crossref Google Scholar [2] Norman M R 2016 Rev. New . Google Scholar. A physical process that fully leverages the computational power of quantum processors is quantum scrambling, which describes how interaction in a quantum system disperses local information into the system's many degrees of freedom ( 1 - 5 ). So in the last 20 years, the field of topological order has enjoyed steady growth, and has now become one of the major fields in condensed-matter physics . Answer: Here is a list of professors from Google scholar who work in Quantum information theory, sorted by their number of citations: People in quantum information > This list is by no means exhaustive! We consider a disk in the plane, with a smooth boundary of length L, large compared to the correlation length. While their featureless ground states have precluded their straightforward experimental identification, excited states are more revealing and particularly interesting due . . Professor Feldman joined the Brown Physics Department in 2003. Kitaev [2] studied a lattice model of a p-wave superconductor in 1D, (1) H = x c x c x x ( t c x c x + 1 + e i c x c x + 1 + H.c.), where is the chemical potential, t 0 the nearest-neighbor hopping, and 0 the p-wave pairing amplitude. Kitaev, A., private communication (2015). Links to the course webpages in . Google Scholar. The bound state energy eigenvalues and the corresponding un-normalized eigenfunctions are obtained in terms of the Laguerre polynomials. The emergence of a quantum spin-liquid-state in a frustrated magnetic system has recently been theoretically solved by Alexei Kitaev in a honeycomb lattice model . 293-302 , 2014, "Selected Areas in Cryptography - SAC 2014 - 21st International Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada, August 14-15, 2014, Revised Selected Papers", Springer, 8781

Alexei Kitaev: trabajo pionero en el uso de 'Anyons para computacin cuntica tolerante a . This work initiated numerous investigations to design and synthesize materials that would physically realize the Kitaev Hamiltonian. . By means of the. University of Colorado at Boulder. 2012 IEEE International symposium on information theory proceedings, 1137-1141. , 2012. Dr. Isaac Chuang is a native of Louisville, KY. More details. Alexei Kitaev. Perturbative gadgets are general techniques for reducing many-body spin interactions to two-body ones using perturbation theory. Free fulltext PDF articles from hundreds of disciplines, all in one place . Abstract. Alexei Yurievich Kitaev (Russian: ; born August 26, 1963) is a Russian-American professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology and permanent member of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. California Institute of Technology. Doctoral advisor. . This lecture notes, alexei kitaev and crystal physics as masses or capacity problems in which is rather than marginally irrelevant because cpu time. We also thank Alexei Kitaev for sharing his calculation 17 17. Alexei Kitaev (2012-) | Xiao-Gang Wen (2012-) . The S=3/2 Kitaev honeycomb model (KHM) is a quantum spin liquid (QSL) state coupled to a static Z2 gauge field. In this context, Alexei Kitaev's discovery of an analytically solvable spin model hosting a quantum spin liquid ground state received significant attention, reflected for example in 2300 citations of his original work . 372-383 . Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Highly mobile gapless excitations in a two-dimensional candidate quantum spin liquid. Sign in to start editing. Another development concerns the FQH state at a filling factor of 12/5. 2012. Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. print Printable version. In 2000-01 a more complete course three-term course was offered. While formidable technological obstacles . Lander is a professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a professor of systems biology at Harvard Medical School, a former . . Abstract. 399.

A usual approach, applicable to large- N systems such as the SYK model, is to replace the actual source with some mean-field perturbation and solve for the probe .

Of the four operators involved, one pair may be regarded as a source and the other as a probe. . S Das Sarma, M Freedman, C Nayak Phys Today 59, 32-38 (2006). He is best known for introducing the quantum phase estimation algorithm and the concept of the topological quantum computer while working at . . The ones marked * may be different from the article in the profile. An introduction to a rapidly developing topic: the theory of quantum computing. . The symmetry and spatial dimension determines a general universality class, which corresponds to one of the 2 .

The first generation of such materials .

He is currently the Tolman Postdoctoral Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar at the California Institute of Technology. There is a huge global effort to engineer a computer capable of harnessing the power of quantum physics to carry out computations of unprecedented complexity. John P. Preskill. Since the model is particle hole symmetric, we . In contrast to the celebrated S =1/2 Kitaev model on the honeycomb lattice, the higher-spin . Around 2000, a deep connection was discovered between topological order and quantum entanglement, and an application of topological order to quantum computation was proposed by Alexei Kitaev. Name. Quantum spin liquids (QSLs) are topological states of matter exhibiting remarkable properties such as the capacity to protect quantum information from decoherence. Title. Fig.1e. Material realizations of the bond-dependent Kitaev interactions with S =1/2 local moments have vitalized the research in quantum spin liquids. Overview. Source: Crossref Boundary condition independence of non-Hermitian Hamiltonian dynamics . An area law and sub-exponential algorithm for 1D systems. In Kitaev magnets, exchange anisotropy and especially the off-diagonal term can lead to a quick suppression of magnetic . Quantum circuits with mixed states Quantum circuits with mixed states Aharonov, Dorit; Kitaev, Alexei; Nisan, Noam 1998-05-23 00:00:00 Quantum Dorit Aharonov* Circuits with Mixed States Noam Nisad Alesei Kitaevt Abstract Current formal m0d.h for quantum computntion deal only with unitary gates operating on pure quantum states . Clear, straightforward presentation of the properties of the apparatus, the representation of numbers by continued fractions, and the measure theory of continued fractions. Out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs) are a standard measure of quantum chaos. Download PDF. We define a model of quantum computation with local fermionic modes (LFMs)sites which can be either empty or occupied by a fermion. 9/2019 - 12/2019.

He received his doctorate in electrical engineering . In . The following articles are merged in Scholar. . A, 439 (1992), 553-558 94d:81011 Crossref ISI Google Scholar [9] Lov Grover , A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search , ACM, New York, 1996 , 212-219 1427516 Google Scholar [10] A. Holevo , Some estimates for the amount of information transmittable by a quantum communications channel , Problemy Peredai Informacii , 9 . Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. 2002.

Information & Authors Information Published in. On 9 July 1997 Alexei Kitaev published a revolutionary proposal for fault-tolerant quantum computation. To study the solutions of the equation (u)=eueu which is a version of the "degenerate" third Painlev equation we consider a linear ordinary differential equation in 33 matrices. Google Scholar. 199-208 (2010). This work initiated numerous investigations to design and synthesize materials that would physically realize the Kitaev Hamiltonian. Google Scholar [6] Dennis Eric, Kitaev Alexei, Landahl Andrew, and Preskill John. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. We present an algorithm that prepares multidimensional Gaussian wavefunctions on qubit arrays and an application of such wavefunctions to multidimensional resampling, a technique useful in quantum digital simulation. Hffner H, Hnsel W, Roos CF, Benhelm J, Chek-al-kar D, Chwalla M, Krber T, Rapol . This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Prefaces. Fig.2c, 2c, we plot the p ij matrix for the data shown in Fig. Phys. This allows for potential realization of effective many-body interactions using more physically viable two-body ones. Google Scholar [5] Edmonds Jack. Go to Google Play Now . Alexei Kitaev's current research is concerned with quantum holography. Alexander Boyd Templeton Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate in Physics . Since then it has been taught multiple times by both Preskill and Kitaev. Pengfei Zhang Activities. account_circle. Kirsten Eisentrger, Sean Hallgren, Alexei Kitaev and Fang Song, 2014, "A quantum algorithm for computing the unit group of an arbitrary degree number field", pp. This figure appeared in 2005 news story I . Aqu hay una lista de profesores de Google Scholar que trabajan en la teora de la informacin cuntica, ordenados por su nmero de citas (ya que la palabra "top" debe cuantificarse correctamente): Personas con informacin cuntica . Elementary-level text by noted Soviet mathematician offers superb introduction to positive-integral elements of theory of continued fractions. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Crossref. We were unable to tout his proposed abstract in its entirety. Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics; Allen V. C. Davis and Lenabelle Davis Leadership Chair, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology. He wrote one bobby pin short, alexei kitaev honeycomb dimer model and chemistry, is weak noise, dening sigma models, framework is . Follow this author. Canadian Journal of Mathematics 17 (1965), 449 - 467. 1 Introduction to quantum computation 1.1 Quantum bit and elementary operations 1.2 The Solovay-Kitaev algorithm 1.3 Multi-qubit gates 1.4 Universal quantum computation 1.5 Quantum algorithms 1.5.1 Expand Contact Email: kitaev@caltech.edu Phone: (626) 395-8760 Office: 165B West Bridge Alexei Kitaev I am a theoretical physicist sometimes drifted away into mathematics. . A. Kitaev. ISI, Google Scholar J. Kempe, A. Kitaev and O. Regev, The complexity of the local Hamiltonian problem, in Proc. He has worked on the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and is looking for models with a more complete bulk picture. A Kitaev, J Preskill. Mod. Astera Institute - 70,106 - intelligence augmentation - collective intelligence - open science - quantum information - quantum computing 1998 Quantum codes on a lattice with boundary arXiv: quant-ph/9811052. We formulate a universal characterization of the many-particle quantum entanglement in the ground state of a topologically ordered two-dimensional medium with a mass gap. One of my old ideas is how to encode quantum information and protect it from noise using "topological" Some of the "awesome" people in this field, along with some of their notable contributions a. CAS PubMed Google Scholar Knolle, J. Unknown affiliation.

The Kitaev chain. With the standard correspondence between the Foch space of m LFMs and the Hilbert space of m qubits, simulation of one fermionic gate takes O(m) qubit gates and vice versa.We show that using different encodings, the simulation cost can be reduced to O(log m . with us. No Access Submitted: 25 October 2001 Accepted: 16 May 2002 Published Online: 20 August 2002. Abstract: We give a new proof for the area law for general 1D gapped systems, which exponentially improves Hastings' famous result \cite {ref . From. We thank Alexei Kitaev, Chetan Nayak, and Ian B. Spielman for helpful discussions. He is also interested in topological phases of matter. The state was observed for the first time last year by Jian-Sheng Xia of the University of Florida and his collaborators, but its properties were anticipated earlier. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. & Moessner, R. A field guide to spin . A Kitaev Ann Phys 321, 2-111 (2006). Journal of Mathematical Physics 43, 9 (2002), 4452 - 4505. The first generation of such materials . Physical review letters 90 (22), 227902, 2003. Paperity: the 1st multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals & papers. Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Astronomy; Rosenberg Scholar; Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute Astronomy Alexander Boyd. Parsa Bonderson's 60 research works with 3,120 citations and 3,267 reads, including: Characterization and Classification of Fermionic Symmetry Enriched Topological Phases Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Jun Ye ( Chinese: ; pinyin: Y Jn; born 1967) is a Chinese-American physicist at JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the University of Colorado Boulder, working primarily in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics . More . 1 September 1989. He has done his postdoctoral research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Argonne National Laboratory. [Google Scholar] 10. 1965. The University of Manchester - 48,130 - Neuroscience - Astrocytes - Glia - Physiology - neurobiology Add co-authors Co-authors.

Comments: version 2: a shorter, more focused introduction. 2126: 2006: The system can't perform the operation now. Articles Cited by Public access. We impose the periodic boundary condition for x- and y-direction.The green arrows in panel (a) represent strings specifying the Peierls phase ij = 2n ij.Here, n ij denotes the number of string penetrating the bond connecting sites i and j, and denotes the flux density = N /N x N y.Panel (b) illustrates the . Title:An area law and sub-exponential algorithm for 1D systems. Topological quantum memory: Journal of Mathematical Physics: Vol 43, No 9. Here is a list of professors from Google scholar who work in Quantum information theory, sorted by their number of citations (since the word "top" needs to be quantified properly): Peop. A quantum algorithm for computing the unit group of an arbitrary degree number field, with Kirsten Eisentrger, Alexei Kitaev, and Fang Song, STOC 2014. This work was supported by Army Research . The second part of the book provides an exposition of quantum computation theory. In a 1999 paper, Read and Edward Rezayi of the California State University in Los Angeles identified the MooreRead state as the second in a series of states. The solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with equal scalar and vector harmonic oscillator plus inverse quadratic potential for S-waves have been presented using the Nikiforov-Uvarov method. Google Scholar. Fu is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award and the Cottrell Scholar award . Pilot contamination precoding in multi-cell large scale antenna systems. Method of isomonodromic deformations for "degenerate" third Painlev equation.

Alexei Kitaev: trabajo pionero en el uso de 'Anyons para computacin cuntica tolerante a fallas', 'computacin cuntica topolgica', 'complejidad . 3. Merged citations. D. from the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics in 1998. Kitaev's quantum double models as extended topological quantum field theories (JCHS, August 1, 2011). Quantum scrambling is the underlying mechanism for the thermalization of isolated quantum systems . Alexei Kitaev kitaev@caltech.edu. Simplifications can provide deep insights to complex systems like black holes, explains Alexei Kitaev of the California Institute of Technology. PHY-1125565) with . Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. Science 328, 1246-1248 (2010 .