Pro-Ject Audio, based in Europe, is the world's largest manufacturer of turntables. GOgroove Mini Phono Turntable Preamplifier. T3 phono preamp is designed for home MM (moving magnet) turntable record players to convert phono signals to line level signals. Impedance Range. (4.4) 4. Dynavector offers only one phono preamp, however, the $895 P75 Mk4. Pro-Ject Phono Box DC. Surface noise was low, and the music emerged from a crisp, clean, quiet background. Moving coil cartridges are well served with the ability to set the impedance and input capacitance as well. Fully separate MM and MC phono stagesHigh-end and audiophile approvedEverything you will ever need from a phono preamp Ian White 6 days ago. Most versatile Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Phono Preamp. 48 dB. Behringer U Can accommodate all magnetic pick-ups Comes with a 3-year warranty. If youre in the market for a quality affordable phono stage, this little box is well worth auditioning. The Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 is a premium-priced phono preamp. We suggest for you some reputable brands providing the models of the best tube phono preamp that you can choose: Pro-Ject, Fosi Audio, SUCA-AUDIO, Douk Audio, GOgroove, AOSHIKE, Little Bear, Nobsound, Bellari Recommended for: Folks that are looking for a the best tube preamp that doesn't take up too much space will feel right at home with the Little Dot MK2. Pro-Ject Audio - Phono Box DC - MM/MC Phono preamp with line Output - Blk. Yaqin MS23B Tube Phono Stage. Best Phono Preamp Under $ 100 Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box DC MM/MC Phono Preamp 176 Reviews Pro-Ject Audio - Phono Box DC - MM/MC Phono preamp with line Output - Blk Input Impedence MM: 47k ohms / 120pf, Input Pmpedence MC: 100 ohms / 120pF Gain MM: 40dB / Gain MC: 60 dB Noise MM: 86 dB/ Noise MC: 68 dB THD: MM 0.01% / THD: The limited run of 250 won't last long. The best phono preamps are integrated phono/line level preamps. The Budgie Tube Phono Preamp by parks audio delivers excellent analog sound with detailed soundscape, low internal noise, and no distortion during playback even at high pressure levels (which can be problematic for other tube preamps due to overheating), making this preamp a favorite of many audiophiles and tube enthusiasts. It works particularly well with moving magnet cartridges, dishing up a smooth, fluid and refined sound with satisfying punch. Fosi Audio P1 Tube Pre-Amplifier. With zero global feedback in ARTs unique Current Feedback circuit topology, this little gem delivers all the performance of expensive phono preamps costing hundreds more. Input Gain Range. So far I have tryed the Telefunken NOS, Dutch Amperex NOS, RCA, GE, Tesla, Sovtek (WA, WB and LPS versions), Ei and Electo-Harmonix. Bellari VP130 MK2 Tube Phono Preamp/Headphone Amplifier by Bellari What We like I was surprised by how attractive and well balanced it sounded: smooth and warm, yet open and crisply detailed. Its not as punchy as some other models. Top 10 Picks for Tube Phono Preamps. Preamplifier PP500 Turntable Volume Controls Phono Preamp Phonograph Ultra Compact with Level Interface Metal Electronic Portable Stereo Audio Home (US) 8. Parks $99. The PHO 701 is a tube/solid-state hybrid which means it incorporates both transistor and tube processing. II ($799.95 USD) If youre using a high-output MC or an MM and you still want to use a high-quality phono preamp as opposed to some no-frills box, the Soundsmith MMP3 is what you need. The best phono preamp with USB I have come across is the Vincent PHO 701 Phono Preamplifier. Equipped with two replaceable ECC83 tubes, the Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 gives you the added capabilities of tube rolling and sound-shaping as you enhance the audio soundstage. ART TubeMPSTV3 Variable Valve Voicing. Tube Phono Preamp vs Regular. 29. 9. Customizable - phonograph pre-amplifier pairs with any moving magnet or moving coil cartridge to allow for maximum customization. Reising A10 EL34 Tube Amplifier. The Tube Box DS2 is one of the most versatile MM/MC tube phono preamps with two sets of inputs/outputs; something that is rare at this price level. They also make quite a few phono preamps. jim94025. Details. I've always been partial to ARC phono preamps. #27. This guide offers some of the best phono preamplifiers under $600. It is designed for moving magnet cartridges only, has solid connections, and is very low noise. Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2. Adjusts for MM or MC cartridge via switch on rear panel. Little Bear T7 Vacumn Tube Mini Phono The Little Bear can keep up with some of the bigger bears here with impressive audio quality for its size and class. The UK-based Hi-Fi manufacturer has been redefining the entry-level audiophile arena with its Zen range of accessories, and this model is just as irresistible as its stablemates. Advantages of Tube Preamplifiers. [New Upgraded] AIYIMA A3 PRO. The Tube Box makes your music unique with more options to modify the sound. Technolink TC-756USB RIAA Moving Magnet Phono Preamp with AUX Input and USB (Computer) Output. For moving magnetic and high output cartridges. MM. I've looked at the Vincent unit, the Pro-ject Tube Box, the Parks Audio Puffin (although I'm wary of DSP), and a variety of others, but since I haven't actually heard any of them in person it's hard for me to know what's best. Often coming in at under $20, this is a bare-bones phono stage that offers just the essentials. It delivers a fair amount of power, is easy to set up and is overall great. Features. Check Amazon Prices. Small size allows installation close to record player. Looking for a great preamp for $1,000 or below. They are great for phono but not always a favorite with line level sources (digital). Behringer Microphono PP400 Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp. It is only a preamp, which needs to be used with amplifiers or active speakers. 1 offer from $69.50. Featuring a classic, audiophile design using only the best components money can buy. Compact phono preamplifier. It has a distinctive look, with two glass tubes that are central to the design. A slightly technical advantage of the Budgie Tube Preamp is that there are no op amps used. #2: Pro-ject Tube Box II Not content to dominate the turntable market, Pro-ject have been manufacturing phono preamps for the last few years as well. The ART DJPRE MkII is the perfect Tube Phono Preamp for high-end audio systems. BUY NOW. The P75 is easily the most physically striking phono preamp in this entire guide, simultaneously retro and futuristic. Check Amazon Review. 10. iFi Micro iPhono2 Phonostage/Preamplifier or Preamp Compatible with MM and MC Cartridges. Check Price on Amazon. Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Phono Preamp. Pros Excellent value for price Supports a wide variety of headphones Comes with four tubes Cons Tricky knobs As such, the Moon 110LP v2 is one of the best phono preamps of its kind at this price. You can use both MM and MC cartridges with the PHO 701. The worth of a gadget comes from its features and use rather than the price tag. In the end there is only one function of a preamp and even the cheapest models can fulfill it. More expensive phono preamps have a special design that lets them accomplish more tasks and those features are irrelevant to most users. The best phono preamps not only amplify this signal but equalize it staying true to the RIAA playback equalization curve so that it sounds as true to the original recording as possible. Load and impedance are easily adjusted via onboard dip switches. Best phono preamps: The Louder Choice When it comes to pure performance and value, our top phono preamp recommendation has to be the iFi Audio Zen. Little Dot MK II Tube Preamp. P1 is a bluetooth vacuum & valve tube preamplifier and headphone amplifier. There are chips housed inside the circuitry, but they arent directly responsible for the amplification of sound. Your turntable may not sound great without the right phono preamp. Unlike tube phono preamps, once you buy a solid-state phono preamp, theres not much else that can be done in the way of improving sound quality from it. #26. Encinitas, CA. At around $400, the Clearaudio Nano is an excellent choice if you desire a natural, honest sound with good separation of instruments. 5.88 lbs. You get great sound, trouble-free operation and an amazing set of featuresyou can even make all your adjustments via remote! The Bellari seemed to create a sound that was rich, natural and appealing. Tube output makes this phono preamp different from chip-powered models. We feel the MM phono preamp is a great value for under $79. Rega Fono MM. Best Tube Phono Preamp. (4.3) 3. $399 at Amazon. Weight. Incredible sound - ultra-wide gain from 36db to 72db and incredible 106db dynamic range. Three Pack of JJ ECC82/12AU7. Bellari VP130 Mm Tube Phono Preamplifier With Headphone Amplifier. 21. Cartridge Capacitance Range. Best Phono Preamp Reviews Preview Title Pyle PP999 ART DJPREII Pro-Ject FBA_13072 Fosi Audio Box X2 Voltage 12V 12V 0.2V 12V Signal-to-noise ratio 70dB 83dB 60dB 45dB Frequency response 20Hz 20kHz 10Hz 50kHz 20Hz 20kHz 20Hz 20kHz Input sensitivity 50K kOhm 47 kOhm - 10 kOhms Selectable cartridge loading RCA Weight 11.8 ounces 1.1 pounds Soundsmith MMP3 Mk. headphone output is 160mw @32 and is suitable for 32~300 headphones and headsets. Cartridge Support Type. To my ears the Electro-Harmonix are very good but the inexpensive Ei 12AX7s that I bought from Parts Express for $6.50 each sound the best. The Schiit Audio Folkvangr Headphone Amplifier is $1,800 and uses 10 tubes. Sound Quality For about $400, Budgie provides you with a preamp that has an all vacuum tube audio path. Dimensions: 1.75 H x 4.2 W x 3.5 inches D (44.5 x 107 x 89mm) $65.99. Works with only moving magnet cartridges; Low noise operation; 1-year warranty; The Pyle Phono Turntable Preamp is an extremely affordable entry-level phono preamp option for people who arent too concerned with audio quality. You get 38dB of amplification. Buy: Schiit Mani Phono Preamp at 4. Pro-Ject MM $79. Top Five Best Phono Preamp under 200 ReviewsPro-Ject Audio-Phono Box DC-MM/MC Phono Preamp. The Project has a jet black design. Music Hall PA1.2 MM/MC Phono Preamp. If you want to get an elegant design, you can choose this phono preamp. ART USB Phono Plus. This model has an exciting design. U-Turn Audio - Pluto Phono Preamp. Parasound- Zphono MM/MC Phono Stage with USB. Vacuum Tube MM Phono Preamp. 10 preamp tubes: Editor Recommended. 1 offer from $7.99. LIST OF BEST TUBE PHONO PREAMP Amazon's choice Editor's Choice Budget Pick Classic Pick Product Name Fosi Audio Box X2 Phono Preamp for Turntable Little Bear T7 Vacumn Tube Mini Phono Stage RIAA SUCA-AUDIO Phono Preamp for Turntable MM Douk Audio T3 PRO MM Phono Stage Preamp Mini THD 0.1% <0.05% 0.1% 0.1% Frequency Low-noise operation Plug-and-play. Warranty. N/A. Lab12 Melto2 ($3,899 USD) This compact yet beautifully built tube phono stage from Greece is almost impossible to beat, and one of the best phono preamplifiers at its relatively modest price. DislikesLoad settings are hard to read on the bottom panelDont lose the DIP switch toolTop end could be sweeter more The best tube preamp under $200, Nobsounds Little Bear T11 6N2/12AX7 is an excellent setup. Users can adjust the gain for either type of cartridge with settings for 40 65 dB. P1 Bluetooth 5.0 GE5654 Vacuum. Try to get a listen with either a SP-8, SP-10 or SP-15. The Budgie Tube Phono Preamp is an excellent choice that packs a hell of a lot of quality for a reasonable price. Dynavector is one of the great names in Japanese analog, with a long list of innovations and a line of cartridges that are perennial audiophile favorites. N/A. N/A. Forty-five years after the launch of its inaugural phono preamp, PS Audio launches another, this time in Stellar guise, and with the emphasis on flexibility with convenience. U-Turn Audio Pluto 2 ($99) The original U-Turn Pluto external phono preamp was a mainstay in the Digital Trends testing room for some time, loved for